A New Venture

I know I have not been posting a lot recently, but there has been a ton of things going on. Working with Clerestory Learning, we are about ready to launch the second version of our online instructional design tool, the Architecture of Learning Design Table. The library just got in 4,000 books (which is a huge deal when it only had 6,000, most of which were out of date) and I was able to recently put in an order for comfortable furniture and decorations to make the library a more fun and inviting place for my kids. Between teaching, running the library, consulting, and programming, I’ve come up with a new venture that I am very excited about.

Easy PD

EasyPD is a new company that I am starting. Teachers are hungry for high-quality professional development that is differentiated according to their needs. I know a lot of amazing educators through Twitter, this blog, conferences, and other networks that I am a part of. However, I realize that not every educator who wants to to improve knows how to find the resources to do so online. That is a big reason I wrote Professional Development 2.0: Take Control of Your Learning.

EasyPD will take a different route than most of my previous ventures. Without disclosing too many details while I am still building the platform, EasyPD will offer guided online courses direct to teachers, providing both high quality professional development and continuing education credits in as many states as possible, at a much more affordable rate than conferences and graduate school. So, this tool will be geared towards those teachers who want to improve, but need someone to help them individually. EasyPD will offer short courses – likely 6 weeks long – on topics in educational technology, pedagogy, assessment, and specific content areas.

We will have both a schedule of courses that educators can sign up for and a course catalog from which they can choose from. If a class is not being offered in the time frame that someone wants to take, they can request it and it will be offered if there is interest.

That is as much as I can disclose at the moment. We are currently projecting a launch in mid-late June and offering our first course as a discounted beta in July. A full launch will happen with the beginning of the next school year.

Before I launch EasyPD, I would like a little help making sure what I am thinking is actually something people would want. I believe it is, but I want to make sure that I am providing a great value for teachers. As an educator, I highly value their time and want to make sure that it is well spent. If you can, please fill out this quick survey.


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