My name is Jason T. Bedell. It is an interesting road that has lead me to independent educational consulting. I started my career as an English teacher for several years in TN. I taught mostly freshman and sophomore students who were reading at least 4 years below grade level. While it was certainly challenging, I loved working with the at-risk students. I was able to write a new inquiry-based curriculum where I would work with individual students to identify strengths and weaknesses, and then we would together create projects that would simultaneously allow them to work on strengthening their skills while pursuing their passions.

Afterwards, I was privileged to open a beautiful, brand new library. My focus as a librarian was twofold. The first was to develop a love of reading in students. One of our most successful initiatives was having a large anime and manga collection. While most of the other libraries in the city stayed away from the genre, we have an enormous following from students who had never before frequented a library. By getting them to love reading, they were able to expand their interests and we had, on average, 15-25% of the student population in the library every day. The second focus was on collaboration with teachers. I co-planned and co-taught lessons with teachers in every grade level and content area. Usually, I helped to meaningfully embed technology and research skills into the lessons.

Throughout my career, I have been a professional development coordinator, IT coordinator, and technology trainer. I loved these positions as well because I was able to work with teachers in all grade levels and content areas. Together, we would collaborate on creating meaningful lessons to use with their students.

This experience of being able to work with so many teachers has well-prepared to help meet the needs of a wide variety of educators.