Blogs I've Commented on This Week

I have been trying, sometimes successfully, to comment on at least one blog per day. I appreciate the deep discussion that can come from a well-written blog entry. I’ve decided, after being inspired to do the same by Dan Callahan and Aaron Eyler, to keep a record of the blogs that I’ve commented on in the course of a week.

First Do No Harm by Hadley Ferguson

Instruction and Technology – Where Do I Start? by Philip Cummings

The Ten No Nos of Teaching with a Projector or Interactive Whiteboard by Lisa Nielson

True Democratic Government by Aaron Eyler‘s students.

Education Will Become Personalized by Andrew Barras

I Like to Watch by Deven Black

Overcome With Techno-Fear by Steven Anderson

Yet another reason standards based grading is necessary by Matt Townlsey.

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