Camden City Charter Schools

iPad 1 Workshop Agenda

  1. Teachers will become familiar and comfortable with using their iPads. Instructor will walk teachers through the most common settings to optimize their iPads and help participants brainstorm how to best integrate the iPads into their personal workflows.
  2. Investigate the SAMR model of technology integration and how it applies to iPads. Discuss different pedagogical techniques that can be utilized with different configurations of iPads, such as one iPad in a classroom, several iPads in centers, a classroom set, shared cart, or even a full 1:1 implementation model.
  3. Demonstrate applications that can be used in several content-area and grade level settings. Teachers will have the chance to download and use the applications. Depending on the needs of the teachers, here are the applications we will be looking in some depth:
  4. Break into content area/grade level groups.