Custom Lesson Plans

As the new year starts, I know that a lot of teachers are stressed out. In order to help out and alleviate some of that stress, I am now offering a custom lesson planning service tailored to the teacher’s instructional objectives and the needs of the students. Please learn more about it here.

PLN as Family

I am consistently impressed with my PLN beyond words. Last night mad me realize again how much I’ve developed connections with my PLN that feel like close friends. While I realize that online relations can be tenuous at best sometimes, those times when I have the dedicated members of my PLN have . . . → Read More: PLN as Family

Lesson Plan: Human-Environment Interaction Documentaries in Google Earth

This is a lesson I developed in collaboration with World Geography teacher Seth Ramsey.  Feel free to use or modify. Google Earth Tours

You will be creating video documentaries on human impact in Google Earth. You have to pick a country that we have studied this year and find at least 3 . . . → Read More: Lesson Plan: Human-Environment Interaction Documentaries in Google Earth

My New Plan for Grading

I like to plan ahead. It’s just my nature. The plans are always different, but ask me at any given moment and I can give you a naïve forecast for next week, next month, next year, five years from now, tens years from now… So, even though I haven’t been hired for . . . → Read More: My New Plan for Grading

Connecting to Students’ Interests

1 of the things that I have learned in my years of teaching (all 3 of them) is that students do better work when they enjoy what they are doing. Students, like all people, enjoy working on those things that interest them. For example, I love programming. I will be perfectly happy . . . → Read More: Connecting to Students’ Interests

Chapter 2: Introduction to Web 2.0

I am hoping to release a new chapter by Sunday of every week. Splitting free time between writing the book and working on TeachMeet Nashville planning resulted in almost not getting this week’s chapter finished in time.

This week I am releasing the second chapter. If you have not read the introduction, . . . → Read More: Chapter 2: Introduction to Web 2.0

What Happens When Technology Doesn’t Work

Recently, I asked you, the readers of this site, and my colleagues and friends on Twitter to give me some feedback on an idea I have for a book. You can read about it and participate here if you missed it. The feedback was both encouraging, enlightening, helpful, and warning about certain . . . → Read More: What Happens When Technology Doesn’t Work

New Lesson: 1920s Radio Show

As I librarian, I value collaboration and resource sharing. While I am not yet at the point where I am sharing as many resources as Larry Ferlazzo, I do want to start sharing and collaborating more online, as I try to do with my staff. Recently, a history teacher I work with . . . → Read More: New Lesson: 1920s Radio Show