JTB Consulting is a technology and education consulting firm specializing in pedagogy, assessment, effective technology integration, differentiation of instruction, learning spaces, and student engagement. I operate on the central beliefs that every child can learn in the right circumstances and that we, as educators, need to adapt to meet the needs of our children. Learning needs to be engaging, social, and centered on the needs and strengths of the students. Every student will have unique needs that need to be met and unique strengths with which they can learn and help others. Pedagogy, differentiation, technology, assessment, and learning spaces are all factors that go into meeting the unique needs of our students. They should not be separated, but rather are parts of a whole that can result in meaningful learning.

My specialties in education are in the areas of effective technology integration, pedagogy, learning spaces, professional development, assessment for learning, differentiation of instruction, and student engagement.

In technology, my areas of expertise are in custom website, WordPress theme, and mobile application development.

I can offer training tailored to meet your needs and can also help your school, school system, or business to develop plans to deploy technology to best meet the your needs. All training is personalized, so you can personally make sure that your staff only gets the best instruction and can make the best use of the time given to them.

If you are able to cover travel costs, I am willing to travel anywhere. If you are not local and are not able to cover travel costs, I offer all of my courses as online options or I can facilitate sessions online via Skype.


I can offer services in several different areas that can be beneficial to schools and business, such as:

  • Building custom websites and mobile site.
  • Building cross-platform web applications
  • Building custom WordPress themes.
  • Teaching staff on technology
  • Offering training on most programs and computer systems
  • Speaking on topics in teaching and educational technology
  • Consulting on developing a technology plan for a school or business
  • Develop and implement a strategy for deploying specific technology in a school or business
  • Offering guidance on creating a compelling web and social media presence.


Please email me for details.