Diffusion of Innovations

I recently wrote a guest post for Tony Baldasaro’s Transleadership blog on educational reform. I really like the idea of getting several in-depths opinions from people I respect and admire. I would like to start a series as well. One topic that has been on my mind lately: specifically, how do you go about trying to implement change or spread innovative ideas in your building? There is sometimes a disconnect between our discussions on Twitter and the practical application of our ideas, so I would like to see what others are thinking on this issue. If you would like to write a guest post, please let me know. I hope to have all of the guest posts in this series published in May. Since I am hoping to learn new techniques and ideas more than anything else, I will save my reflections until the end of the series.

Update: I would like to thank Steven Anderson, Kyle Pace, Christopher Franzen, Will Chamberlain, Christopher Rogers, Milton Ramirez, Aaron Eyler, Dave Andrade, George Couros, Bernadette Roche, Howard Chan, and Debra Gottsleben so far for volunteering to help out. I very much appreciate it.

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