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I wrote this post earlier today about an idea for a worldwide conference. There seems to be quite a bit of interest on Twitter. To gain attention, I think it would be wise to align the timing with a large, established unconference. TeachMeet at BETT is a big deal every year and, if we can have unconferences happening and streaming from several continents, I truly believe we can make a big difference.

I you are interested in possibly organizing one, please fill out the quick form below. I and others can help you with the planning process; things like finding a venue, speakers, and sponsors is easier when you have resources to point you in the right direction. Here are the only “requirements.”

  1. It is education-focused.
  2. It is free to anyone to come.

It does not matter if you brand your conference TeachMeet, EdCamp, or anything else. The bottom line is that we are trying to advance education and help children.
Filling out the form is in no way obligatory. I just want to get a sense if this is even possible.

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  • ktenkely
    Twitter: ktenkely

    Hey Jason, I missed the Twitter conversation but this sounds awesome. Since there are so many unconferences that already happen, is there a way to capitalize on those? I would be happy to organize one in CO but there are already a few that are established and take place every year. I wonder if it is possible to pull them all together and make it an ongoing world wide unconference that is nearly year round? A way to organize them all in one place and add to them?

  • Jason Bedell
    Twitter: jasontbedell


    That is a really good idea. I wonder what it would take to make a central organizing body. The only problem is that the unconferences tend to be put on by individual groups; they’re all different and don’t want any top-down control.

  • Hi -

    I saw your tweet and you might be interested in this event that I’m co-chairing in November:


    Please consider participating!

    Lucy Gray

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