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At our faculty meeting today, author James Burnes came to speak about the “3 Rs” in education; specifically, he was referring to respect, responsibility, and relationships. He has written several other books on bullying and is associated with and tweets at @jameshburnes.

Relationships is one aspect in particular that I focus on with students and with other staff members that I work on. Creating and fostering a culture where people genuinely about each other is tremendously beneficial for learning.

One of the points that spoke to me during the session was on developing perseverance. This correlates with recent research I have read about education in Japan. It is alright to allow students to struggle somewhat to help them develop determination, perseverance, or toughness, although it needs to be done in a safe and supportive environment.

Speaking with James Burnes before the meeting, he offered to give me one of his book The New 3Rs in Education: Respect, Responsibility & Relationships to give away on this site. All you need to do is leave a comment describing something that you or your school is doing to improve the culture in your school. A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday 4/15.

New 3Rs

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