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I drafted this letter to send to schools to invite people out to TeachMeet NJ. If someone wants to improve as an educator, I cannot think of a better gift to give than an invitation to this free event. The connections and learning are invaluable resources that can have an immediate and profound effect on the classroom. Feel free to modify this letter in any way, but do someone a favor and talk them into coming out. We want to make as large and impact and involve as many people in the educational discourse as possible.

Dear Educators,

My name is Jason T. Bedell. I am one of a group of passionate NJ educators planning a free unconference for educators called TeachMeet NJ. TeachMeet is free for everyone to come; there will be no advertisers or vendors. All speakers are educators who are voluntarily sharing their strengths and passions. I want to invite everyone who cares about education to be a part of this interactive event where everyone who wants to be heard can have a voice: teachers, librarians, administrators, aides, parents, politicians, policymakers, and anyone who cares about improving education is welcome.

TeachMeet is a particular kind of conference that really empowers educators. No money ever changes hands; it is all about educators helping each other to improve for the benefit of their children.  Everyone who wants to present is welcome. We believe that all educators have experience that we can learn from.  Educators choose topics based on their areas of passion; this gives every session a sense of urgency and importance because all the speakers are discussing topics that they feel can make a profound impact our children.

The focus of TeachMeet NJ is on excellence and innovation in the areas of pedagogy, assessment, and technology. To give many people to opportunity to share and to accommodate many types of sessions, we have 4 different types of sessions that will be going on. View our schedule for more information. All of the sessions will be interactive and involve the participants in the learning process. This is not a conference where everyone sits and listens.

  • 1 hour sessions that explore topics in depth. Some examples of topics are Teaching Students How to Think not What to Think by local AP history teach Aaron Eyler, Teaching the Learning Brain by lecturer and brain-researcher Dr. Kevin D. Washburn, Improving Schools with Social Media by NJ principal Eric Sheninger, 1:1 Sustainability and Feasibility by instructional technologist Rich Kiker, and many more. Whether you are a classroom teacher, librarian, administrator, and technology professional, there are sessions to meet your needs.
  • 15-minute sessions organized around topical blocks. These are fast-paced sessions around broad topics such as assessment or digital storytelling that demonstrate a tool or technique. This allows exposure to a wide-range of ideas from many talented educators.
  • 5-minute sessions spontaneous sessions organized around topical blocks. Similar to the 15-minute sessions, the 5-minute sessions are structured around different topics. The unique aspect of this is that they are not planned. The 5-minute sessions are audience driven where participants can come up to voice their opinion on the topic at hand and foster dialogue.
  • Other sessions, such as a panel discussion by NJ students on how they use technology to empower their learning and a Web 2.0 Smackdown, that do not easily fit into the above categories.

There will be 6 rooms of sessions running concurrently throughout the day. There are still some openings for presenters, so can still participate by emailing Even if you do not want to be a formal presenter, there are a lot of opportunities to participate the day of the event. Please learn more at our website

We also recognize that the most valuable time at most conferences comes through networking with other educators. To help facilitate this, there is time to network built into the schedule and there is a blogger’s café open all day where you can meet with others.

Please make sure to reserve your tickets at Tickets are free, but we have a limited amount of space.

Also, I would like to ask you to pass this along to your staff and invite them out as well. Having been an attendee, a presenter, and a planner of several unconferences, these are amazing events that really can make an immediate difference in your classroom. The connections you make with teachers coming from as far away as New England and Alabama can last a lifetime. We really hope to improve education for all of our students. I hope you will come out. If you have any questions, email, follow me on Twitter @jasontbedell, or check out the website.

Thank you for all you do.

Sincerely Jason T. Bedell.

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