iPod Touch Demos

This morning, I jailbroke one of my school’s iPod Touch so I could make some tutorials for it. I used Screensplit (install via Cydia) with DemoGod and Jing on a Mac to make the tutorials. I hope that they get my teachers’ interest. Is there anything you think I should I add? This is taken from a Teacher Learning Center I am setting up. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks.

The library has a class of 32 iPod Touch. All of the iPods have 95 programs on them that span the different content areas taught at West Creek High School.

Here is the complete list of iPod apps with explanations, organized by content area.

Below are some videos to help you setup the iPods and give you an idea of the kinds of things you can do with them.

How to Setup the Internet

Math Apps - We have several different math apps for differentiated instruction, 2d and 3d graphing, scientific calculators, math games, and more.

Social Studies Apps – We have many varied Social Studies apps including several for important historical documents, Google Earth, newspapers and news apps, the CIA World Factbook, and more.

English apps – English has many apps including the complete works of Shakespeare, over 80 color ebooks, Stanza ebook reader (which gives you access to tens of thousands of free ebooks), vocabulary builders, and motivational games like Textropolis and Words With Friends.

Science Apps – We have over 20 applications for all the science classes we offer. They range from general science, like an glossary and a powerful lab time, to Biology (1 app lets you explore the brain in 3d), Chemistry (an interactive periodic table), and Physics (graphing calculators, physics based motivational games).

Please remember that the Youtube application will not work because Youtube is blocked by the school.

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