Pass It On! Some Great Blogs to Take a Look At

Recently, Christopher Rogers tagged me in a blog post. I was honored for him to mention this blog as one that he reads regularly and I would like to do the same.

The rules of this award:

1– Copy and dis play the pic ture of the award given to you;

2– Link back to the blog that nom i nated you;

3– Nom i nate 10 dif fer ent blogs yourself;

4– Inform the peo ple you nom i nated, so they can in turn, con tinue the chain and spread the word about other great blogs out there.

Here are 10 blogs that I look to for inspiration and wisdom often. I trust will you also benefit from them if you take the time to read them. They are in no particular order.

1. Tech Transformation: This blog is written by Maggie Hos-McGrane, a technology teacher who has been teaching almost thirty years. I just found her blog recently and have been consistently impressed.

2. The Ed Tech Swami: Chris and I share a lot of opinions on both pedagogy and technology. I have found his explorations to be very useful.

3. My Island View: Tom Whitby is one of the foudners of #edchat. His ruminations are thorough and well thought-out. His blog often fosters great conversations as well.

4. A Retrospective Saunter: Philip Cummings is an excellent teacher. I have gotten to know him personally this year and I appreciate his honest perspective.

5. At The Teacher’s Desk: Written by Will Chamberlain and a team of teachers, this blog provides varied insight and points of view on many topics.

6. The Principal of Change: George Couros is a principal and often writes about leadership. When it comes to best helping those I work with, he provides a clear voice and suggestions that I can implement right now.

7. Socratech Seminars: Howard Chan is an IT director for a KIPP school. He has great insight on how to practically bridge instructional and informational technology.

8. Upside Down Education: Amanda C. Dykes provides a refreshing look into her classroom showing us how we can really apply those ideas that we discuss here and on Twitter.

9. Think, Lead, Serve: John C. Carver is the only superintendent on this list and the only one I know that has a blog. He has a tremendous vision for change and he is one of the people I look to who is actually making it happen.

10. Blogging About The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom: Steven W. Anderson is a prolific author and one of the founders of #edchat. Having met him personally, I can attest to his expertise on many ideas in education.

10. Tom Barrett is a pioneer and a principal in England. His blog has a plethora of great resources, including the “Interesting Ways” series.

Honorable Mention. Lifehacker: Lifehacker is an awesome blog. It is not educationally focused, but I often learn things that I can apply in education.

4 comments to Pass It On! Some Great Blogs to Take a Look At

  • Philip Cummings
    Twitter: Philip_Cummings

    Thanks, Jason, for the “Blog to Watch” award. I appreciate your kind words and your reading and commenting on my blog. While most of this list is already in my reader, I did find a few new blogs to read. Thanks for the post. /pc
    .-= Philip Cummings´s last blog ..This Week’s Bookmarks (weekly) =-.

  • wmchamberlain
    Twitter: wmchamberlain

    Thanks for adding At the Teacher’s Desk to your list. It is very flattering to see it in such great company. I did a post for my favorite class blogs on my class blog. It would be extremely hard for me to pick my ten favorite professional blogs, but I may have to do that!

  • Maggie Hos-McGrane
    Twitter: MaggieSwitz

    Jason, Thanks for recommending my blog. I started writing it shortly after moving to Switzerland as I needed a place to sort out my thoughts and reflect on what I was doing in the classroom. Being able to connect with educators world-wide is amazing to me, as I have very few connections with local teachers here as I don’t speak German – actually my blog feels like a lifeline! This has been a tough year for me and my family as moving to a new country often is. I’m glad our first year is coming to an end and am looking forward to an easier one next year.
    Maggie Hos-McGrane´s last blog post ..Learning German and English

  • Tom Whitby
    Twitter: tomwhitby

    I am most thankful that you read my blog and I am ecstatic over the fact that you would recommend it. Like most bloggers I write it for me, but it makes the experience so much better when others see value in it and are able to take something from it. Thank you!

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