Professional Development 2.0

I have been engaged in using social media for professional development since May of 2009. In that time, I feel like I have grown exponentially as an educator, as least compared to my rate of growth and improvement before that. I am considering starting some serious writing about this new type of professional development that is so effective and cheaper than any book or conference (I’m not saying those things are obsolete.). Some of the ideas that I am toying with are:

  • Social media tools like Ning/EduPLN, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Twitter – It really deserves its own chapter; it really has been vital for me.
  • Blogging
  • Social bookmarking
  • Unconferences like TeachMeet and EdCamp.

The idea that I am considering is serializing the book by writing the book one blog post at a time. I’ll write everything I have to say about a given topic in a series of blog posts which will then be grouped together to form a, hopefully, coherent chapter. I tried to write a new chapter every week once before and I was only able to keep it up for 1 month. My hope is that by breaking it up into more manageable pieces, I will be able to accomplish more. I should really thank @ktenkelyfor her great advice.

I would love some feedback. What do you think of when you hear “Professional Development 2.0″?

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