Peak Training for the NJ Marathon

For the first time ever, I have remained very consistent during this marathon training cycle. This is not to say that there have not been hiccups or things that I could have done better (more cross training and hip strengthening mostly), but I have kept to my training plan for the most part.

This . . . → Read More: Peak Training for the NJ Marathon


Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Recently, I was at a conference at Richard Stockton College in Pomona, NJ. Stockton is only about 45 minutes south of me, but I very rarely get down to that part of New Jersey. I am fully convinced that running is one of the absolute best ways to explore a new area. Last time . . . → Read More: Take Advantage of Every Opportunity


Reflecting on Progress

Saturday, unfortunately, was a much less than ideal race. I went out for today for a planned easy run. I ended up running a little harder than expected and basically ran a consistent 8:30 tempo.


This 6.4 mile circle in my neighborhood is where I really started running in late 2010 and . . . → Read More: Reflecting on Progress


Febapple Race Report

I got up at 3 am today hoping to run a 50k for my first ultramarathon; that’s 31 miles for those of you who don’t speak kilometers. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way.

The race was the Feabpple Frozen 50 put on by NJ Trail Series. It was a very well run . . . → Read More: Febapple Race Report


Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?

Why do we do this to ourselves? I ask myself this occasionally and other people ask me this all the time. All runners have had the questions -¬†You’re running how many miles? Why?

I started thinking about this about an hour or so ago. I was washing laundry and packing my gear for this . . . → Read More: Why Do We Do This to Ourselves?


Consistency Benefits Constantly

In my running over the last 3 years, one of the main principles that has escaped me is consistency. There are a lot of reason – 2 jobs, 3 kids, etc… – but they boil down to excuses. Anytime we want to improve at something, whether running or any other endeavor, it requires consistent . . . → Read More: Consistency Benefits Constantly


Recovery and a New Training Method

This blog has been sorely neglected; there is unfortunately a good reason for that. In October of 2011, I ran the Atlantic City Marathon. I had some problems, mostly due to training and going out to hard. It didn’t go well, but I finished. I’m proud of that and wanted to continue and build . . . → Read More: Recovery and a New Training Method


Long Slow Progress

This lastweek was difficult for me. It was the first week in 3 that I didn’t break 20 miles training. It started with a non-running related foot injury when I cut my foot open at the beach. That forced me to take Sun-Wed off to allow my foot to heal.

Thursday night, I ran . . . → Read More: Long Slow Progress


Barefoot Progress

I love running barefoot. I haven’t been running barefoot as much lately because I feel like I’m faster (I am, by about 1-2 minutes per mile depending on the terrain) and can push harder in my Saucony Hattori. It’s a little bit of a Catch-22 because I know that the more I practice running . . . → Read More: Barefoot Progress


“Tired does not mean you’re incapable”

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