A New Year, A New Approach

Thank you Jason for providing me this venue to share a few thoughts on learning and my journey through reform.

When I began teaching I tried to lay low, blend into the background, and cause the least amount of commotion as possible.  In my mind I was there to teach the . . . → Read More: A New Year, A New Approach

Hiding in the open

Chad Sansing is one of the teachers whose conversation and insight really got me thinking at the beginning of the summer. He asks some really good questions about when assessment is appropriate, especially in the context of authentic work. I appreciate Chad taking the time to share his insight here.

With thanks . . . → Read More: Hiding in the open

A Vision of Standardized Assessment

I must admit that I am writing this to try to figure something out. I am thinking publicly, so to speak, because writing helps me to crystallize my ideas. I was distracted, to say the least, during #edchat tonight. I followed it as best as I could. Unfortunately, the combination of coming . . . → Read More: A Vision of Standardized Assessment