Facebook’s New Ads

I use Facebook fairly sparsely, but I am on the network. I mostly use it to share pictures of my kids with family and talk to some educators who have I become friends with other the years.  Although I use Facebook as a tool since it is where most of the users . . . → Read More: Facebook’s New Ads

Facebook Proposal

I was just asked to put together a proposal for the Board of Education and the superintendent on why the school should have a presence on Facebook. What do you think? Is there anything you would add or change? Thanks for the help.

Objective: To present a case outlining reasons that Frelinghusen . . . → Read More: Facebook Proposal

Goodbye Facebook

Well, I just took the plunge. I deleted my Facebook account. I didn’t deactivate it; I deleted it. It will be deleted after two weeks of non-use now (This should be a simple delete button). Hopefully, Facebook deletes all of my data off of their servers, although I have my doubts. While . . . → Read More: Goodbye Facebook

Which Social Network/CMS Should I Use Next Year?

Recently, I have written quite a bit about social networking with students for the book that I am trying to write. I’ve also found out that I may be returning to the classroom next year with a high school teaching job in Massachusetts. While I can’t offer any details on it yet, . . . → Read More: Which Social Network/CMS Should I Use Next Year?

Social Networking with Students

Educators all over the world connect with each other to grow and it benefits all of us. For whatever reason, though, students are often left out of the equation when it comes to social networking. There are many advantages to introducing your students to social networking. First, leveraging social networking gives students immense . . . → Read More: Social Networking with Students

Chapter 3: Harnessing the Power of Social Networks

Since I was out most of last week for TeachMeet Nashville, this week has been a little slower in the library. I was able to write faster than I normally can. I am still trying to get stories for my From the Teachers section at the end of the chapter, but I . . . → Read More: Chapter 3: Harnessing the Power of Social Networks

Connecting to Students’ Interests

1 of the things that I have learned in my years of teaching (all 3 of them) is that students do better work when they enjoy what they are doing. Students, like all people, enjoy working on those things that interest them. For example, I love programming. I will be perfectly happy . . . → Read More: Connecting to Students’ Interests

The Case for Social Networking in Schools

I’ve taken the last week or so off of blogging to spend Christmas with my family and not be too distracted. I love blogging and it takes a lot of focus when I am consumed by a topic. However, this is not to say that I was totally disconnected from my online . . . → Read More: The Case for Social Networking in Schools