A New Year, A New Approach

Thank you Jason for providing me this venue to share a few thoughts on learning and my journey through reform.

When I began teaching I tried to lay low, blend into the background, and cause the least amount of commotion as possible.  In my mind I was there to teach the . . . → Read More: A New Year, A New Approach

Tenets of Assessment/Grading Reform

Matt Townsley is a former math teacher and a director of curriculum and technology in Iowa. He, along with Alfonso Gonzalez and Joe Bower, were the people who really got me started in thinking critically about how we assess. He is a great advocate of standards-based grading and his arguments are both . . . → Read More: Tenets of Assessment/Grading Reform

What Should Grades Look Like?

A 4:06 this morning, I received a great comment on my syllabus from Alfonso Gonzelez (@educatoral) that I felt merited a longer response than would fit as a comment. The comment was in reference to what my grades will actually look like since I will be using standards-based grading next year. Here . . . → Read More: What Should Grades Look Like?

My New Plan for Grading

I like to plan ahead. It’s just my nature. The plans are always different, but ask me at any given moment and I can give you a naïve forecast for next week, next month, next year, five years from now, tens years from now… So, even though I haven’t been hired for . . . → Read More: My New Plan for Grading