Social Sig: an End and a Beginning

About a year ago, I started the website I built a website to create an attractive email signature and blog widget that can visually display someone’s social networks. This was something that I did not see as readily available. This resonated with a fair amount of people, but not enough to . . . → Read More: Social Sig: an End and a Beginning

Tutorials Are Now Live

The tutorials are now live with the completion of my first series on how to setup and use Edublogs. There are designed to be short (under 5 minutes) clips to help the normal teacher get acclimated with technical applications that can aid in teaching. The first series on Edublogs goes over how . . . → Read More: Tutorials Are Now Live

Blogging – Should You Jump In?

A blog is is web lingo for a web log, or online journal. Judging by the media, blogging has been overtaken by microblogging, such as brief status updates in Twitter or Facebook. However, judging by the number of quality blogs that I read daily and that I know of, . . . → Read More: Blogging – Should You Jump In?

Open-Source Transition: Initial Thoughts

Since I sent in my proposal to transform the library to open-source to central office before Thanksgiving break, nothing has officially changed. What has changed is that I no longer run Windows or Mac OS X except when I need to run Alexandria to administer the library’s automation system (the server . . . → Read More: Open-Source Transition: Initial Thoughts

My Vision for an Open-Source Library

Those of you who have been reading this blog for any length of time will already know that I am a fairly outspoken open-source advocate. This post delves into a topic that most people are uncomfortable with. To begin, last week I was reflecting on the job that we have done in . . . → Read More: My Vision for an Open-Source Library

The Open-Source Church

I am currently reading S.H.A.P.E. by Erik Rees. While I am not yet finished with the book, it is insightful and I believe it can help people to discover their Kingdom Purpose, or what God intended them to do to share His love with the world and contribute back to the . . . → Read More: The Open-Source Church