Invite Someone to TeachMeet NJ

I drafted this letter to send to schools to invite people out to TeachMeet NJ. If someone wants to improve as an educator, I cannot think of a better gift to give than an invitation to this free event. The connections and learning are invaluable resources that can have an immediate . . . → Read More: Invite Someone to TeachMeet NJ

Epic Education Event

I wrote this post earlier today about an idea for a worldwide conference. There seems to be quite a bit of interest on Twitter. To gain attention, I think it would be wise to align the timing with a large, established unconference. TeachMeet at BETT is a big deal every year and, . . . → Read More: Epic Education Event

Reflections on TeachMeet Nashville

If you are an educator on Twitter, you are probably aware that #TMN10 was Thursday and Friday. #TMN10 is the Twitter hashtag for TeachMeet Nashville, an (un)conference that I started here in Tennessee. In short, TeachMeet Nashville is on the shortlist of highlights of my teaching career. The best part . . . → Read More: Reflections on TeachMeet Nashville

What’s Going to Happen at TeachMeet?

TeachMeet Nashville is going to happen in only 5 days! An immense amount of work from many people is finally going to pay off. Before anything else, I need to thank Melissa Smith (@msmithpds), Nancy Blair (blairteach), and Bess Bedell (@MumtoEve). They have been my anchors and have really come through to . . . → Read More: What’s Going to Happen at TeachMeet?

How TeachMeetNashville Started and How to Start Your Own

At the beginning of January, I was just a library media specialist; I was not a conference planner. Between all that my job entailed, my second job, and being a husband and father, who would have time for such things? The honest answer is one that surprised me greatly: anyone. I say . . . → Read More: How TeachMeetNashville Started and How to Start Your Own

TeachMeet Update: 02/16/2010

Last time I wrote up an official update about the status of TeachMeet was January 23, 2010. Luckily, in the last two weeks, things have really started to look up. The main concern in the last update was money. We had only $650 and we needed at least $1000 for the venue . . . → Read More: TeachMeet Update: 02/16/2010