Reform Symposium, A Reflection

Growing up and through most of college, I have always hated working in teams. The reason was simple; I always ended up doing most of the work. This was due to many factors including the people I was working with, poorly planned assignments, and, most of all, my own neuroses. Recently, I . . . → Read More: Reform Symposium, A Reflection

What an unconference is not

Unconferences, by their very nature, are changing and unorganized at the systemic level. Meaning, there is no definitive standard by which something can be called unconference. There has been a commercial educational company that has been setting up a business and calling it an unconference that really rubs me the wrong way. . . . → Read More: What an unconference is not

Reflections on #ntcamp

I got home from a great day at New Teacher Camp, which ironically was mostly veteran teachers, about an hour ago and would like to get some thoughts out while the experience is still fresh in my mind.

First off, thanks to Andy Marcinek, Kristen Swanson, Gerald Aungst, and Rich Kiker for . . . → Read More: Reflections on #ntcamp