Tutorials Are Now Live

The tutorials are now live with the completion of my first series on how to setup and use Edublogs. There are designed to be short (under 5 minutes) clips to help the normal teacher get acclimated with technical applications that can aid in teaching. The first series on Edublogs goes over how to set it up and maintain from the very beginning through some of the more advanced settings. I will be adding more tutorial series and if you have something you would like to see, please let me know in the comments. There is also a tutorial on ZoomIt, a magnifying tool for Windows.
This series goes through how to setup and run a blog, from registering and setting up a blog through adding content and modifying settings. The series is designed about Edublogs, but also works on WordPress as Edublogs is built on WordPress, which is open-source.

Edublogs – Introduction

Edublogs -Dashboard Introduction

Edublogs – Adding and Editing Posts

Edublogs – Modifying Appearance and Widgets

Edublogs – Customizing Settings

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