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I would like to thank Alec Couros to come up with this idea. Alec wrote this post just a few minutes ago:

I have a copy of The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer in my hand. First reply gets it, I’ll mail it – but you must #PayItForwardless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Twitter, along with this blog, has been the single best source of professional development I have ever had. One of the only “complaints” I have had is that it sometimes feels like there is a lack of depth. Some of that is solved by bringing conversations to blogs to discuss them more fully.
Alec’s idea is that we share educational books with each other. We cover the mail cost of books we have read and found valuable and others will pay it forward and do it for both us and others. This could be a great way to help each other grow. I have to go check my attic as I gave away most of my books to students (over 700) before I moved cross-country, but I know that I have “Dumbing us Down” by John Taylor Gatto. I’ll volunteer other books as I find them and hope that others will do the same.


  • @MrMacnologygets the Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer courtesy of @courosa.
  • @davidweesin Canada gets “Dumbing Us Down.” I will continue to share and hope others will do so as well.
  • I was lucky enough to get “Why Don’t Students Like School” by Daniel Willington from @jswiatek.

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  • Bethany

    I can relate to the giving away of books prior to move: I did the same thing and then went digital. I’m looking at a woefully small collection from which to share. However, on the #PayItForward circuit, I can contribute my time and experience (e.g. online workshops).

    On a side note, I did just finish ‘reading’ Cognitive Surplus (Clay Shirkey) and The Shallows (Nicholas Carr) as audio books. Now, if we can figure out a way to trade those, I’ll be quite thrilled!

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