Update on Techniques for Effective Technology Integration

Over the summer, I wrote the first 5 chapters of a hopeful book, tentatively titled Techniques for Effective Technology Integration (Catchy, right?). I turned it into a manuscript proposal and sent it to some educational publishers after some advice and encouragement from some educational writers I know. The help I received from my PLN in writing it was immense.

After talking with 2 publishers, I’ve narrowed it down to the one that I would like to work with. I can’t reveal that at this time. What I can reveal is that, before I get to a contract or publishing stage, I need to rewrite those first five chapters. My goal in writing this book is to provide sound pedagogical techniques around technology integration that will help teachers to effectively integrate technology regardless of the specific tools. Hopefully, that will be of more use than a book of tools that are quickly dated. I need to give the book a much tighter focus and spend less time on individual tools.

The main area where I will need help is in providing real examples as I am not currently in the classroom.

I will be leaning heavily on the experience of my PLN and hope you will continue on this journey to help equip teachers to improve education for all of our students.

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