Web and App Development

For the past 3 years, I have been designing websites and mobile applications professionally. I genuinely care about my clients businesses; a website is often the first and most important impression a business can make on a customer or user. Everything has to be perfect.

Custom Websites

I offer completely customized websites, written from scratch to meet your individual needs. Your business is unique and your site should reflect that. I am committed to making sure everything is perfect before launch. I offer a guarantee that no one else does: you will be completely satisfied with the project. I offer unlimited drafts and unprecedented control over the process. I can do everything for you, from configuring your server, setting up your databases, and designing the site, or you can have input about how you want things done at every step of the way.

Mobile Websites

Less than half of small and medium sized businesses have a mobile website. Now that most people have smart phones and can view your website at any time, it makes a very poor impression if they cannot see it properly on any of their devices. Today’s businesses need a strong and effective mobile presence. Using new web development languages and the jQuery Mobile framework, I can create a website that looks and functions great on any screen.

Mobile Applications for iOS, Android, and more

In the next few years, nearly everyone will have a smart phone. They want to access much of their information through applications. I can create an outstanding mobile applications that is consistent with your web site. You can launch simultaneously on all of the major platforms and app stores, and you application will function great on nearly any device.

Custom WordPress Themes

For many stores and organizations, a custom website is not the best choice. For something that can be easily updated and added to regularly, WordPress is one of the best options around. The problem is differentiating yourself from all of the other WordPress sites. To do this, I can install WordPress on your site and create a custom theme. It will look as those I created a beautiful custom site, but it will be easy for you to update and make changes to.

Social Media and Marketing Strategy

Many businesses today lose site of great free ways to engage their customers and users. Learning how to make the best use of Facebook, Twitter, search-engine-optimization, app-store-optimization, and more can be the difference between tons of new customers and never being discovered. My own business was originally built and grown through these services and I would love to either share my expertise with you or handle your social media needs for you.

What I Know

While I am constantly learning new languages and pushing more deeply into those I know, here are the web development languages that I am specialize in:

  • New HTML5 and CSS3 design standards
  • Advanced Javascript, jQuery, and jQuery Mobile functionality
  • PHP server-side scripting
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • iOS and Android application development


Every project is unique, so it is difficult to say that a project will cost a specific amount before I talk to you. I want to hear about what you need and explain how I can serve you. Please email me at jason@jasontbedell.com and I will get back to you the next day at the latest.