What’s Going to Happen at TeachMeet?

TeachMeet Nashville is going to happen in only 5 days! An immense amount of work from many people is finally going to pay off. Before anything else, I need to thank Melissa Smith (@msmithpds), Nancy Blair (blairteach), and Bess Bedell (@MumtoEve). They have been my anchors and have really come through to help make this happen.

I would like to give a quick run down on what’s going to happen. You can still sign-up to come completely for free here. This will always be a completely free conference, so late fees are not something to worry about. If you have off on April 2 for Black Friday, you are welcome to only come for 1 day if you can’t make both. If you can’t join us in person, remember that we will have a live stream of both concurrent sessions.

Also, we will be discussing the conference live both days on Twitter. The hashtag if you would like to join in is #TMN10.


The doors open at 9:30 both days. When you arrive between 9:30 and 10, come in and sign-in. Even in you didn’t register, you can walk-in to the conference. Everyone is welcome. When you sign-in, you’ll get a name tag, a schedule of events, and raffle tickets to enter free prize drawings. We will have coffee, tea, and some breakfast pastries. Make sure you stop by early for some time to network with great educators from all over TN, as well as IA, NC, GA, KY, and AL.

At 10:00 on Thursday, I am very excited to kick-off the conference with our keynote speakers. John C Carver (@johnccarver), Deron Durflinger (@DeronDurflinger), and Shannon M Miller (@shannonmmiller) from the famous Van Meter School District in Iowa will be giving a presentation on fostering positive change with technology.

At 11:00, we will be splitting into 3 sessions. In the auditorium, 11:00 will focus on Developing a PLN. The first speaker at 11:05 is David Noble (@parslad) presenting live from England on his doctoral research. At 11:25, Philip Cummings (@philip_cummings) will be speaking on the value of a PLN. At 11:45, Melissa Smith (@msmithpds) will demonstrate free tools to use for professional development.

Meanwhile, Conference Room A will focus on Web 2.0 Tools. Melissa Smith will start off talking about her experience taking literature circles online. Michael Zimmer (@MZimmer557) will continue at 11:25 with a brilliant Prezi about alternative lecture tools besides PowerPoint. Mary Cantwell and Amanda Stavropolous from GA will finish at 11:45 with a presentation on making a reader’s theatre in science. Lastly, in Conference Room B, Promethean and PCS Knox will be giving a vendor presentation on the best use of the Promethean ActivBoard.

Noon-1 will be lunch. Lunch has already been purchased for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything. GFS Marketplace gave us a discount so that we are able to buy lunch for everyone for both days. Actually, we purchased for 300 and don’t have 300 signed up yet, so feel free to bring a friend or 10.

1:00 launches into several different topics for TeachMeet. The will be student presentations in the Auditorium. Tim G, a high school junior, will be speaking on the importance of teachers understanding new tools and seeking training at 1. Then, at 1:15, Angela Cunningham’s (@kyteacher) class will be virtually sharing some of the neat things they are doing, such as historical Facebook pages. In Conference Room A, Philip Cummings will be running an hour long Twitter for Teachers workshop to help educators learn how to leverage the power of PLN. In Conference Room B, Camcor will be giving a vendor presentation on best practices with document cameras.

2:00 begins the block on Student and Teacher Blogging in the Auditorium. Shannon M Miller will be starting at 2:05 on helping students find their voice. Margaret Hausauer, Jessica Harris, and Rachel Stephens, a team of two elementary school teachers and a librarian, will be discussing how to help elementary students get started in blogging at 2:25.

Conference Room A will focus on Differentiated Instruction with Technology. Joseph Alvarado (@UltimateTeacher) will be discussing Web 2.0 Tools that can aid in DI at 2:05. Sweetie Berry (@getsweetie) will discuss how to work with several ability levels in one classroom at 2:25. Then, at 2:45, Dr. Monte Tatom will demonstrate several websites that can help as well. In Conference Room B, Abc-Clio will be giving a vendor presentation on their databases.

3:00 brings an exciting panel discussion. Nancy Blair (@blairteach) will be moderating a panel on social networking in schools in the Auditorium. The panel discussion will include an interactive question-and-answer session with the audience. The panelists will include Steven W Anderson (@web20classroom), Deron Durflinger, Sweetie Berry, and, live from Philadelphia, Andrew Marcinek (@andycinek). In Conference Room B, Davidson Titles will be demonstrating their new product, Davidson Titles Interactive.

We will end Thursday with our prize drawings at 3:45. You need to be there to win. We’re giving away an Acer Netbook, a Flip Video Camera, a Wiimote Interactive Whiteboard, 5 copies of Camtasia Studio, and 2 subscriptions to volume 5 of Soundzabound Royalty Free Music.


Doors open at 9:30 again on Friday. Make sure you sign in, get some coffee, and cast your votes to win some great prizes. We will be starting off with a panel discussion on Adapting Teaching Strategies to Today’s Students at 10:00 in the Auditorium. Becky Jackman (@becky37042), president of TASL, will be moderating. The panelists are Dr. Clara Patterson, Ric Murry (@rrmurry), Nancy Blair (@blairteach), and Bradley Foust. Also, Melissa Smith will be leading an hour long workshop on building interactive lessons in Conference Room A. Bring an idea, and she’ll help you to leave with a great lesson. In Conference Room B, Starrmatica will be giving a vendor presentation on their service for interactive whiteboards.

11:00 begins with a great sessions on Educational Change and Reform. Alene Arnold begins at 11:05 by discussing TN SCORE’s for reform, leadership, evaluation, and teacher advocacy in TN. Deron Durflinger picks up at 11:25 discussing a new model of teacher leadership. John C Carver will then discuss how to move from factories to file sharing.

11:00 in Conference Room A focuses on Innovative Strategies for Teaching Math and Science. Karla Moran will start out at 11:05 by demonstrating how to use Poll Everywhere to get instant feedback from students. Sue Maszaros from the TN State Library will be demonstrating how to use databases like Learning Express Library and TEL to improve instruction in these content areas. In Conference Room B, Soundzabound will be giving a vendor presentation on royalty free music.

After a break for lunch, sessions, the Auditorium picks up with Digital Storytelling at 1. At 1:05, Janna Chiang (@jannachiang) will be discussing using Storybird and Microsoft Photostory. At 1:25 Christopher Rogers (@MrR0g3rs) discusses how to use Animoto in literature live from NY, followed by Reka Tabb discussing using Voicethread in education.

Conference Room A will be discussing how to use Art and Music in education. Bradley Foust will discuss how they can increase engagement and collaboration at 1:05. Leo Adames will be discussing the close relationship between science and art at 1:25 and Amanda Galbraith will be presenting on 6 brain-based skills students learn from art. In Conference Room B, Mackin Educational Resources will be presenting on their suite of resources.

2:00 will bring on several interesting sessions. The Auditorium will focus on collaboration tools. Melissa Smith will start out at 2:05 on building communication with students, focusing on tools like Ning and Etherpad. Adam Taylor (@2footgiraffe) will continue at 2:25 discussing Prezi. Becky Jackman will close at 2:45 with a presentation on conducting surveys in Google Docs. In Conference Room A, Alene Arnold will be holding a round-table discussion. She represents TN SCORE, the group largely responsible for educational reform in the state. They want to get feedback on educational leadership, teacher advocacy, and the new teacher evaluation model. In Conference Room B, Connections Unlimited will be giving a vendor presentation on their Chatterbox Voice Amplification System at 2 and Nashville Media Services will be demonstrating the CPS response system at 2:15.

Lastly, the conference will be drawing to a close with our final keynote by Steven W Anderson, one of the founders of #edchat on Twitter, at 3:00. He will be discussing the paradigmatic shift in thinking that has come about. This will be followed by our final prize drawings: an iPod Touch, an Amazon Kindle, a subscription to Starrmatica, a subscription to Journey Back in Time, and your choice of either a ChatterVox amplification system or a ClassPack of headphones from Connections Unlimited.

I sincerely hope that you’ll join us. There will be a lot of amazing educators sharing great things. Please come in person if you can so we can all network and learn from each other. If not, please follow the live stream and contribute to the Twitter discussion. As always, let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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