What is the Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking?

This is the eleventh post in the Professional Development 2.0 series. If you have not already, I would encourage you to start with the first ten posts:

To make the Professional Development 2.0 series easier to follow, it breaks down the different areas of professional development into four major areas: social networking, social bookmarking, reflection, and conferences. It can be argued that there are other important elements, but these are the focus of this series for now.

The first four posts were introductory and the following six were on social networking. I just want to be clear on terminology before we move forward to try to prevent misunderstanding. Social networking specifically refers to tools, websites, or applications that are built around brief communication. The networking occurs in the passage of messages, usually quite short, between people. The two most popular social networking services currently are Twitter and Facebook.

All four of the components are dependent on some way on social media. Social media encompasses both social networking and any website or tool that allows for interaction between people. Social bookmarking, social networking, blogging, and many Web 2.0 tools can also be considered tool in social media. The series is moving on to social bookmarking and any references to social media should be interpreted in this context.

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  • ktenkely
    Twitter: ktenkely

    I am telling you, your timing is impeccable! I am working through this very topic with a school right now. I really like your break down and distinction between social networking and social media. Thanks!
    ktenkely´s last blog post ..Bloom’s Taxonomy Bloomin’ Pinwheel

  • Interesting facts about social networking and social media sometimes the two are confused but the detailed descriptions are very helpful when you need to fully understand what you are using them for.
    Malissa Matheny´s last blog post ..Blog Post 4

  • Hi,Jason I am following your blog as a requirement for my EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama you previous posts about the importance of a PLN is very informative. I also like how you specify how each of the topics are useful in your career as a teacher. You can check out my comments about your posts on my class blog at
    Malissa Matheny´s last blog post ..Blog Post 4

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