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I read a reflective post by Will Richardson this morning on his nine years of blogging (Congratulations Will!). His post got me thinking about why I write myself. I am quickly approaching the one year anniversary of this blog and the tone and direction of the site has certainly changed since my inaugural post.

My primary reason for blogging is self-reflection and exploration. As I have explained in the past, writing helps me to understand and solidify my own thoughts. This blog helped me, to list just a few, to determine which social networks my students will use next year, how I will implement standards based grading, and more. This is the practical aspect of blogging for me.

The why of blogging for me is similar to the idea of the essential question. The essential question for me would be, “How can we change education to make it a better experience for our children?” Often, this includes technology, so I write about technology quite a bit. It also includes things like welcoming students, grading, assessment, etc… I write to explore how to improve education, whether or not it includes technology.

Lastly, I crave the authentic feedback and community that comes from meeting with other educators with a common purpose. According to @kjarrett’s latest post, I may even be addicted to it, but that’s ok.

It is rather fitting that this reflective entry is my hundredth post. So, why do you blog? I rarely have the nerve to suggest topics to other bloggers, but I would love it if you would write a post explaining why you blog. Add a link in the comments and/or post it to Twitter with the hashtag #whyblog.

5 comments to #WhyBlog – Why I Write

  • Crudbasher
    Twitter: crudbasher

    Hey Jason,

    Really nice post. Congrats on 100! You have inspired me to be a bit more introspective on my own blog. Perhaps you would be interested in exchanging guest blog posts?

  • Jason Bedell
    Twitter: jasontbedell

    Definitely. I just recently opened the blog up to guest posts and was really impressed by the results. I’ve been wanting to do it again. My email is jasontbedell [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Debra Gottsleben
    Twitter: gottsled

    Jason you make some compelling reasons for blogging. I have done it in the past but just wasn’t able to keep up with it. I do enjoy reading your posts and learn much from them and had fun being a guest blogger for you. Maybe I’ll need to do that again! I think reflecting on what we do is good and helps us to grow into better educators. Right now I am devoting lots of time posting information into a diigo account that I created for our district. May have to reconsider devoting more time to blogging.

    As an fyi Will Richardson is coming to our district on June 22.

  • Jason Bedell
    Twitter: jasontbedell

    That’s great Debra. Hopefully, I’m working by then. What is he coming for? ie. workshop, presentation, etc…?

  • Celia
    Twitter: ccoffa

    Considering our purpose for blogging is obviously essential. I am only a newcomer (7 weeks as part of a online PD program). Blogging is part of our reflective process and so far I am loving it. The question remains – do I continue after the 10 week course? At this stage, I think I will – but I will need some ideas – I don’t want to regurgitate other people’s ideas – there are so many talented people already blogging. I will keep on thinking ….. and blogs like yours help me think. Thanks
    Celia´s last blog post ..Blogs and how they work ? (Part 2)

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